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The MBA/MPA/LLM Entry and Job Search Essay Service consists of:
1)       Candidate Coaching
2)       Candidate Positioning and Content Guidance
3)       Co-Editing

MBA Candidates must search the essay sets corresponding to their desired schools in the schools´applications. Most schools will be publishing their new 2018-19 applications in August.

To initiate the service: 
1)       Send your resume
2)       Report your GMAT and/or GRE score
3)       Prepare and send a computer file with all the essay sets you plan to elaborate.
4)       Establish an interview in person or by phone to discuss your profile.
5)       Make a deposit.
Note: There is no essay services during the month of August.
After the interview: 
1)   Provide 2 e mail addresses.
2)   Send idea inventory using our idea inventory instructions
2)   Send the first essay draft.
3)   Draft will be sent back with comments using Feedback Color Codes. 
4)    Work on feedback and send back a second draft for review.
5)   This process continues until the arguments take the desired shape.
6)   A time log is kept throughout the process and sent with regularity to the client.  


The candidate can save time and money by:
1) Reading the essay tips file sent after the deposit has been received.
2) Following feedback instructions and adhering to process requirements.
3) Avoiding sending identical drafts for similar essays as they will be NOT be used.